About Valero Petroleum

Valero petroleum private limited is one of the leading manufacturers of Automotive Oils, Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Brake Fluids & Coolants. We offer high performance lubricants with various qualities to serve various segments such as automotive, mining, agriculture, engineering & other such use where lubrication is required. We have complete in house product designing facility to produce customize packaging sizes. We have our own quality inspection system to scrutinize each & every aspect of the containers, cartoon and stickers etc. to ensure they match the requirements of our clients in the market.

Our Strategy

  • Develop technical capability and leadership competency to manage an ever increasingly complex business.
  • Adopt technologies and strategies that enable the most efficient field development and operation.
  • Ensure the integrity of our facilities and maximise system availability.


We aim to achieve and sustain full customer satisfaction in our industry by continuously improving our responsiveness to our customers and the management of our staff, technology and systems.


The world is changing all around us. We intend to achieve complete customer satisfaction through the excellence of our products, the profession of our staff and the quality of our services.